Sixth Session of the Economic Council of the Gornji Milanovac Municipality

These are the most pressing issues discussed by the members of the Economic Council of the Gornji Milanovac Municipality at the 6th session that was held on 8 December at Metalac. The session was chaired by Dragoljub Vukadinovic, and aside from economic and municipal representatives, one of the participants was also the President of the Municipality, Dejan Kovacevic.

Among other things, the Council discussed the construction of the highway access road, the recently completed biomass boiler station, the construction of a closed swimming pool, and the development of the Despotovica river bed.

– We have discussed several issues related to the economy of the city and its inhabitants. We have first received detailed reports about the state of previously made investments. We have also reviewed the second phase of the solution for the water supply network in Gornji Milanovac. All employees will be particularly glad to hear about the expansion of the capacity of kindergartens in Gornji Milanovac and Rudnik. At the same time, work is being done on pedestrian paths along the Despotovica river, and the building permit for this project is expected in January – said the President of the Company, Dragoljub Vukadinovic. He also said that information about the construction of edestrian paths in Takovo and Rudnik will be prepared for the next session of the Economic Council, as well as the information about professional education of personnel that is needed by the economy of Gornji Milanovac.

The President of the Municipality, Dejan Kovacevic, discussed the construction of the closed swimming pool and kindergarten that has recently started.




– The contractor has been selected, the popular “Ball” is being demolished, and KUD Sumadija got a new space near the Green Marketplace. It is very important for our fellow citizens is the construction of a new kindergarten for 250 children, which will partially solve the long-lasting issue of enrollment of children. Construction of the access road is going on according to the plan, and in January we will receive a construction permit for reconstruction of the existing road from Takovo to Srcanik (Lot 1). We expect to open this access road at this time next year. The Municipality of Gornji Milanovac has completed the project documentation for the development of 5.5 km of the Despotovica river bed, in accordance with the proposal of the Economic Council, which is within the authority of the public company JVP Serbia Water. Development of Despotovica from the beginning of the South Industrial Zone, from “Takovo” to “Konfekcija”, will result in a well-developed coastline with pedestrian and bicycle paths for rest and recreation – said the President of the Municipality, Dejan Kovacevic. He also said that the realization of these investments will make the city of Gornji Milanovac even more attractive to its current inhabitants, as well as the new ones, because, in his words, its economic activity makes it one of the leaders in the region of Western Serbia.



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