Privacy Policy



In order to ensure the protection of your rights and better inform you about the reasons for and the method of collection, use, linking, publication and usage of personal data, we act in accordance with the following Privacy Policy.

Personal data collected by Metalac a.d. is the basic personal information that is required for operation of the Call Center:

  • First name and surname
  • Address
  • Country
  • Telephone number
  • Email

General Information

Before collecting personal data, Metalac a.d. informs the persons to whom the data belongs about the following:

1. Legal person Metalac a.d. from Gornji Milanovac, 212 Kneza Aleksandra St., company registration number (MB) 07177984, tax identification number (PIB) 100887751, is responsible for collection and processing of personal data.

2. The purpose of collection and processing of personal data is to provide unhindered operations of the services of the Call Center, the safety of users of the Call Center services, facilitation of electronic commerce by users the Call Center services in accordance with appropriate laws, and to keep users informed using direct marketing via SMS, email and Viber notifications, in accordance with good business practice and with the aim to provide high-quality service.

3. The collected personal data will be used in a way that allows identification of users of Call Center services and users of direct marketing services via SMS, email and Viber notifications, in accordance with good business practice, business confidentiality and the law.

4. Aside from Metalac a.d., related companies of Metalac Group are also authorized to use the personal data, and these companies are the following: Metalac Digital d.o.o, Metalac Posudje d.o.o, Metalac Inko d.o.o, Metalac Bojler d.o.o, Metalac Print d.o.o, Metalac Market d.o.o, Metalac Home Market a.d., as well as our business partner Contact Service d.o.o. from Belgrade.

5. Users of Call Center services provide their personal data on a voluntary basis, and if they do not want to use the Call Center services they are not required to give any information, but purchase, recording, submission of complaints, receipt of useful information, and participation in direct marketing activities, required mandatory submission of personal data.

6. The person who has given their consent for collection and processing of personal data has the right to withdraw their consent at any time, with a legal consequence that the status of the user of operator’s services is terminated, and any subsequent collection and processing of personal data of the person who has withdrawn their consent is stopped.

7. In the case of unauthorized processing, all persons have the right to protection of personal data, as well as other rights that are guaranteed by the Law.

Collection of Data

Regarding the data that a person agrees to be collected and processed by Metalac a.d. and its related companies, such data will be needed and required for preparation, conclusion and implementation of contracts for purchase and sale of goods from the sales assortment offered by the related companies, calculation and invoicing of contractual obligations, delivery of estimates and invoices, recording and solving of consumer complaints, and communication with consumers. By submitting their data, users of the Call Center services will give their consent to Metalac a.d. and its related companies to deliver email, SMS and Viber notifications. Individuals reserve the right to unsubscribe from email, SMS and Viber mailing lists, after which they will not receive any more promotional messages in the future.

Data Security

Metalac a.d. will take all measures that are necessary and required to prevent any abuse of personal data. Personal data will be stored in the electronic format with authorization at the user level and encryption at the file system level.

Availability of Personal Data

Individuals may request that Metalac a.d. notify them about processing, and allow them to view or copy their personal data, in the format in which the data is kept. Metalac a.d. is obliged to make available to such individuals all data that is related to them, in the condition in which they are kept.

Updating of Personal Data

Individuals accept the obligation to timely inform Metalac a.d. if any of their registered personal data has to be corrected or updated.

Updating of the Privacy Policy

Metalac a.d. may update the Privacy Policy via amendments or additions. For this reason, individuals are advised to periodically read the Privacy Policy at the web address in order to be aware of any amendments or additions to this Policy. Metalac a.d. may also send notifications about changes to the Privacy Policy via email, SMS or Viber notifications.

Acceptance of the Privacy Policy

By submitting their data to the Call Center or applying to receive direct marketing content, individuals confirm that they are aware of and accept the terms of the Privacy Policy.

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