Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

  • This Cookie Policy describes various types of cookies that may be used in relation to websites owned or controlled by Metalac a.d. Gornji Milanovac.
  • This Policy also describes how you can manage the cookies.
  • It is important that you frequently check the latest versions of this Policy, since we can change it from time to time to accurately reflect the changes in the way that we use cookies.
  • Please check the date at the bottom of this page to find out when the Policy was last modified. Every change of this Policy becomes effective when we publish it on our website.


Cookies are small files that store data in your computer, TV, mobile phone or some other device. They make it possible for the entity that has placed a cookie in your device to recognize you on different websites, services, devices and/or when you are browsing the internet. Cookies have many useful purposes, for example:

  • Cookies can remember your login data, so that you don’t have to enter that information every time when you sign up for some service.
  • Cookies can help us and third parties to understand which parts of our services are most popular by allowing us to see which web pages and content is accessed by visitors and how much time they spend on them. Reviewing this data, we can better customize the services that we provide on our websites and provide you with a better user experience.
  • Cookies help us and third parties to understand which ads you have viewed, so that we can better adapt our communication and services to you.
  • By collecting data about the way that you use our service, other web pages and applications, cookies help us and third parties to provide you with most relevant content and advertising. Every time when you access our website, our Cookie Management Tool will ask you to accept all cookies. Different types of cookies are described below. If you do not want to accept all cookies, our Cookie Management Tool will allow you to accept only some of them. You can also change which cookies you see in our Cookie Management Tool (so that you do not see third-party cookies, for example) by changing the settings of your internet browser. Every internet browser is different, so refer to the Help section in it to find out how to change your cookie settings. The operating system of your device may contain additional cookie settings.
    Please be aware that certain parts of our website are designed to work properly using cookies and that disabling cookies may affect your ability to use such parts of our website.

Types of Cookies

The following types of cookies are used on our website:


Mandatory Cookies
These cookies make the page usable by allowing basic functionality such as page navigation and access to protected areas. Metalac Market uses cookies that are required for proper functioning of our web pages in order to provide certain technical functions and ensure a positive user experience.


Persistent Cookies
These cookies usually have an expiration date that is set far into the future, so they will remain in your internet browser until they expire or you until you manually delete them. We use persistent cookies for functionality such as “Stay logged in”, which allows easier access as a registered user. We also use persistent cookies to better understand the habits of users, so that we can improve the website depending on your habits. This information is anonymous – we cannot see individual user data.


Statistical Cookies
These cookies assist website owners in understanding how visitors communicate. These are the cookies that allow Metalac to perform web analytics, i.e. the analysis of how our pages are used, and to measure visits so that we could improve the quality and content of the services that are offered. We monitor the recorded data using the Google Analytics tool. We are not able to reveal the identity of the website visitor at any time, and we can only use the data about activity on the website to make improvements.


Marketing Cookies
These cookies are used to track visitors through web pages in order to show them relevant ads and stimulate their participation, which is important for publishers and third-party advertisers.

How to Manage Cookies and Other Technologies

If you want to remove or stop cookies on your device at any time, you can do this using the settings of your internet browser (the “Help” section of your internet browser contains instructions on how to remove or stop cookies).

Metalac a.d. is not responsible for the settings of your internet browser. Useful and simple instructions for management of cookies on different types of internet browsers are available here:

Please be aware that disabling cookies may affect your ability to use certain functionality on the web page, as well as or ability to recognize your internet browsers when you visit our website again.

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