Metalac a.d. consistently invests in children and youth, which includes support for and development of sports..

Under the auspices of the company as
a donor, seven sports clubs from Gornji Milanovac compete in the first and second leagues, and together they have around 600 athletes.

Aside from competitive teams, these sports teams also include a large number of students of elementary and high schools, comprising more than a half of all athletes in the municipality of Gornji Milanovac..

Football Club Metalac

Football Club Metalac is the largest of all clubs in Metalac’s sports family. The club was established in 1961, and its first name was “Radnik”. After the end of the competing season of 1964/1965, it was decided to change the name of the club to FC Metalac. In the current season, Metalac plays in the First League of Serbia. Football Club Metalac has more than 200 players, from the senior team to the juniors. More than 100 children aged between 6 and 9 regularly trains in the club. FC Metalac has one of the most modern stadiums in Serbia with a capacity of 4,600 seats, which was built in accordance with all UEFA’s standards.

Futsal Club Metalac Colorado

Futsal Club Metalac Colorado was established in 2005 in Gornji Milanovac. The club competes in the second-ranked competitions in Serbia. Domestic matches are played in the Breza Sports Hall in Gornji Milanovac. The club has become well-known for its recruitment of young football players from Gornji Milanovac.

Volleyball Club Metalac Takovo

Volleyball Club Metalac Takovo was founded in 1976 in Gornji Milanovac. Today, the club plays in the Serbian Super League, which is also the club’s greatest success since its founding. During its history, several members of the national team graduated from the club school. The club plays its home matches in the Breza Sports Hall in Gornji Milanovac, whose capacity numbers 1,500 seats. Within the club there are also several youth selections.

Women’s Handball Club Metalac

Women’s Handball Club Metalac – Gornji Milanovac was founded in 1959 and currently competes in the Serbian First Handball League West, which is the second-ranked competition in Serbia. The club predominantly consists of young players and is one of the youngest teams in the First League West.

Chess Club Metalac

Chess Club Metalac was founded in 1968, with its previous name being “Takovo”. In 1984, the club changed its name first to “Metalac Takovo”, and later to “Metalac”. The chess club has 40 members who compete in the First League of Central Serbia. The club also includes a chess school for children and beginners, which now has around 20 members. During its many decades of existence, Chess Club Metalac has won many awards.

Bowling Club Metalac Inox

Bowling Club Metalac – Inox was founded in 1972, when its name was “Takovo”, adopting the name “Metalac” in 1996. The club has 26 members who compete in the Serbian Super League. They have participated in 10 international competitions.

Handball Club Omladinac

Handball Club Omladinac is a men’s handball club established in 2012. The club has had a senior team of players since its founding, which competes in the Second Handball League West. During the last five years, the club has also had 2 competitive teams in younger categories. Metalac has been assisting the club since its founding.

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