Policy of Quality and Environmental Protection of Metalac AD and its Subsidiaries

Metalac takes advantage of its integrated management system to achieve sustainable growth and development, observing at the same time all legal regulations, the fundamental values of the Company, and the needs and expectations of all relevant stakeholders. Our satisfaction is measured by the satisfaction of buyers and users of our products, loyalty of our employees, our contribution to development of the community and, of course, the satisfaction of our shareholders.


In accordance with this, we declare that the Policy of Quality and Protection of the Environment at Metalac a.d. is based on the following principles and values that are mandatory for the management of the company and all its employees:

  • Development of long-term partnership relations with users of products and services, business partners and other relevant stakeholders, which includes continuous assessment of their demands, needs and expectations;
  • Management of all risks that are related to corporate reputation;
  • Management of processes in accordance with the principle of guaranteed product quality and reliability – from the design and manufacturing stage to the disposal after use;
  • Improved efficiency in consumption of materials and natural resources;
  • Reduction of hazardous waste, use of dangerous substances and appropriate management of secondary raw materials;
  • Prevention of pollution of soil, water and air, and development of awareness and obligation of employees to protect the natural resources;
  • Continuous improvement of processes, together with investment in the modernization of technical and technological resources;
  • Continuous professional advancement and education of all employees and business partners, including advice to buyers and users of products;
  • Continuous professional advancement and education of all employees and business partners, including advice to buyers and users of products;
  • Planning of measures that are related to risks and opportunities, as well as the implementation of the environmental protection goals;
  • Creation of a system of values and rewards that satisfies the needs and expectations of employees and improves their motivation and loyalty;
  • Dedication to implementation of requirements defined by law and other regulations that are applicable to all business segments and their evaluation;
  • Commitment to prevention of injuries and worsening of employees’ health, including efforts to increase awareness of the personal responsibility of people for the condition of their health;
  • Nurturing open, responsible and professionally advantageous internal and external communication with all relevant stakeholders;
  • Development of the awareness that increasing capital also increases the dividend of shareholders and the employees’ standard of living;


Development of the attitude of a responsible neighbor who respects societal needs and initiates and assists in activities that are important for the environment Implementation, assessment and continuous improvement of the integrated management system is the responsibility of the top management of the company. Implementation of the Policy of Quality and Protection of the Environment improves the competitiveness of our products and services, ensures the loyalty of our buyers and users, makes our employees satisfied, strengthens our long-term partnerships, protects the environment and develops the community. Most of all, this policy is an expression of our corporate culture that supports the achieved reputation of the Company and increases the value and strength of the Metalac brand.

December 2021
Radmila Trifunovic, General Director

Policies and Certification

The Policy of Quality and Protection of the Environment defines the fundamental principles and general attitude of the Company’s management towards quality as the basis of the business philosophy and towards the environmental protection and preservation as a moral obligation with regard to current and future users of our products.

Certification of compliance of the system of quality management and environmental protection with the requirements of standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 is performed for the company as well as the manufacturing companies. The certificates are available here.

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