Metalac Foundation

Metalac Foundation was established in 2006 with the aim to achieve humanitarian and other socially valuable goals, improve and assist creativity in the fields of science, culture, art, sports, and all other areas of strategic and developmental public interest.

Metalac a.d. founded the Metalac Foundation on 31 March 2006. The Foundation was first registered with the Registry of Foundations at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, and later in the Registry of Endowments and Foundations of the Serbian Business Registers (APR).

The Foundation is located in Gornji Milanovac, at 212 Kneza Aleksandra Street. 212.

The Foundation performs its activities on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Metalac Foundation is a non-profit non-governmental organization founded for the purpose of achieving charitable socially valuable goals established by its founding act, i.e. with the aim to work towards realization of humanitarian and other socially valuable goals, improvement and facilitation of creativity in all fields of science, culture, art and sports, as well as all other areas of that are characterized by strategic and developmental social significance.

Other co-founders can also join the Metalac Foundation, if they accept its goals and are prepared to contribute to their realization, provided that they comply with the provisions of this Statute and other general acts adopted by the Foundation.

The decision about accession of additional co-founders to the Foundation is made by the Managing Board of the Foundation, with prior approval of its founder.

The Foundation has two governing bodies, which are the Managing Board and the Manager of the Foundation.

The Managing Board has three members. The president and the members of the managing board are appointed and dismissed by the president of the managing board of the founder.

The Foundation can acquire assets from voluntary contributions, gifts, donations, financial subsidies, legacies, interests on deposits, rents, copyrights, dividends, direct economic activity and other revenues, in accordance with law.

Foundation’s assets can be used only for the realization of goals defined by the decision on founding and the Statute of the Foundation. Foundation’s assets cannot be distributed to the founder, members of its governing bodies, employees or their related persons.

Activities of the Foundation are public.

The Foundation is established for an unlimited period of time.

The immediate reason for establishment of the Foundation was a research whose results showed that more than 70% of employees younger than 35 have not created their own families. This is why the first funds of the Metalac Foundation were earmarked for the campaign “Children – Our Joy and Our Future”. Every Metalac employee who gets a child receives a congratulation card from the Metalac Foundation with 500 euros for the first child, 1,000 euros for the second child, 2,000 euros for the third child, and 4,000 euros for the fourth and every subsequent child.

In this way, the company sent a clear message to employees that children and family are the values that it supports. Very soon, the Metalac Foundation became well-known for “Metalac Babies”. So far, the Foundation has rewarded the birth of more than 800 babies.

In 2009, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Metalac, the Foundation donated a cot and a mattress to every baby born in the maternity hospital in Gornji Milanovac, or a monetary equivalent if the baby was a second or third child in the family. In this way alone, 355 newborn babies received a gift.
Each year, the Metalac Foundation rewards the first “New Year’s” babies born in the maternity hospital in Gornji Milanovac.

During the anniversary year of 2016, under the slogan “We Grow Together for the Future”, awards for every newborn child were raised – 1,000 euros for the first child and additional 1,000 euros for each subsequent child. In this way, the Metalac company once again confirmed its reputation of a socially responsible and, more than anything, one of the healthiest companies in Serbia.

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