Every employee in the companies within Metalac
Group works on the basis of values and principles that integrate professional standards and rules with the moral and ethical norms. During the last 25 years, Metalac, despite the evident erosion of many values around us, strongly insisted on acceptance of the understanding that in business, just like in life, only an honest relationship and responsible behavior can ensure mutual trust and respect within the company and outside – with the company’s partners and end consumers.


Metalac a.d. and the remaining 16 subsidiaries within Metalac Group have more than 2,000 employees in total, of which over 200 have a higher education. In the hierarchy of resources that have a decisive influence on the Metalac’s business, without a shadow of doubt, people come first. The Company demonstrates in various ways its responsibility and commitment to its employees in accordance with this system of values and, of course, the Collective Agreement, labor contracts, etc.


The significance that is attached to the policy of development of human resources – the selection, schooling and professional advancement of employees at all levels, especially those among the company leadership and top executive positions – is the result of the axiom that people represent an irreplaceable resource of the company. For 25 years, Metalac has been practicing in-house development of executives and managers as one of the strategical goals of the company.


The Human Resources Department follows the career of all employees with high education as a crucial human resource. From their first day of work, through the introduction to their job duties of newly hired employees or trainee programs, via plans of professional advancement and “succession” plans.

Management of careers of employees achieves better internal mobility, sufficient number of employees that can be promoted, faster and more efficient replacement of employees who are leaving the company, as well as better distribution of employees – placing the right person in the right place at the right time. Aside from this, the company has at its disposal an additional way to motivate the employees and ensure their better professional development, resulting in their better success at work.


It is our desire to approach each employee with dedication and responsibility, which is why we have been setting aside funds for the following:

  • Scholarships for students of colleges and universities;
  • Scholarships for full-time student children of all employees;
  • Scholarships for children of deceased employees;
  • Worker and manager premiums for employees and managers;
  • Professional advancement programs for employees;
  • New Year’s gift packages for employees’ children younger than 12;
  • Joint financial assistance to employees in case of death of a member of immediate family or a parent;
  • Joint assistance to the family in the event of death of an employee;
  • Joint assistance to employees in the event of natural disaster;
  • Additional pension insurance for employees;
  • Anniversary awards on the occasion of 20th, 30th, 36th (for women) and 40th (for men) anniversary of employment in the company;
  • Assistance to employees from the Prevention and Recreation Fund;
  • Traditional pre-New Year meetings with all retired workers.

For more than 20 years, all of the employees have received their salaries on the 20th day of the month at 10 a.m. and never later than that, and sometimes even a day or two earlier, if the 20th day of the month was a weekend day.


There are two trade unions in the Metalac company: representative “Union of Independent Trade Unions of Serbia” and minority “Independent Trade Union”. 97% of employees are members of one of these two unions. Quality of communication with employees, and therefore cooperation with unions as the main social partners of the management of Metalac, is of utmost importance.

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