57 Babies and 100,000+ Euros This Year

The Metalac Foundation, after two years of not organizing a formal event to deliver the value cards to babies, organized a formal gathering in the hall of the business center to give the greeting cards to babies born in 2022, instead of sending them by mail. The Metalac Foundation gave 57 greeting cards with a total value of more than 100,000 euros.


Metalac Foundation


The biggest winner is employee Biljana Stefanovic, who received 5,000 euros for her fifth child. Since all of her children have participated in the program We Grow Up Together for the Future, she has received around 14,000 euros since 2013.

– I have been working at Metalac for 13 years and I am the mother of Aleksandar, Lena, Masha, Maksim and Mila. So far, I have received 14,000 euros from the Company, and this help has meant a lot to me. I have had some other job offers, but I did not want to leave Metalac because the attention that I get here is more important than salary. My mother-in-law helps me with the children, as well as my eldest son, who is now nine years old – said mother Biljana.

Metalac Foundation


In addition to Biljana, two employees with four children, both from Proleter, received their greeting cards with 4,000 euros today. Five families received cards with 3,000 euros each for their third child, while 19 families received 2,000 euros each for their second child. 23 couples got their first child and 1,000 euros each.

Apart from children in Gornji Milanovac, this year as well, Metalac Foundation’s greeting cards have also been delivered to home addresses of employees in Cacak, Trstenik, Novi Pazar, Ljig, Paracin…

This year’s greeting cards for babies were presented by the President of the Company, Dragoljub Vukadinovic and General Director Radmila Trifunovic.

– We started this initiative in 2006, when we had 26 babies, and although there were years with 75 babies, this year we have more than 55. We later provide scholarships for these children and we assist them with their education. We even give scholarships for secondary schools to families with several children, with the intention to ensure that their parents are supported by Metalac. This year, Metalac invested more than 100,000 euros in its favorite investment, which will therefore reach the level of 900,000 euros in total for 850 babies. This is the amount that has been invested through the project We Grow Up Together for the Future since the establishment of the Foundation in 2006 – said the President of the Company Dragoljub Vukadinovic.