Green Energy from Solar Panels on the Roofs of Metalac

So far, the investment in 6,400 solar panels has cost around 2.2 million euros. In the next year, the remaining task is to adapt the power substations to the requirements and standards of the solar power plant. As the largest consumer of electrical power in the Moravicki District, Metalac has in this way launched the process of increased cost savings, joining at the same time the community of renewable energy producers. This is an extremely important step towards the future, because the so-called Green Agenda will be a prerequisite for exports to EU countries already in 2025.


Green Energy from Solar Panels Metalac


Electrical power takes as much as 6.5% of the total cost of manufacturing companies. As the largest consumer in the district, at the end of October Metalac completed the construction of a 2.9 MW photovoltaic power plant which can produce up to 3.25 GWh annually. Nearly 6,400 solar panels were installed on the roofs of manufacturing halls of all factories except FAD. Taking into account the fact that so far the Company used to consume up to 21.5 GWh annually on average, the new power plant will cover 15% of its needs. Return of the investment is expected in seven years. Energy obtained from the photovoltaic power plant will be used mostly for own needs, and after the status of energy buyer-producer is obtained, the surplus will be potentially delivered to the EPS electrical distribution network. In the future, additional benefits are expected due to the lowered emission of CO2, considering the possibility of introduction of tax on products that do not have the “green stamp”. Some of the additional benefits are the lowered temperature in production facilities during the summer due to the panels acting as roof insulators, as well as the planning of production in accordance with the number and duration of sunny days, which is the most important parameter for maximization of the effects achieved by this new approach. Since October 18, Metalac has been linked to the web portal Solar‑, which allows monitoring of sun-powered production of electrical energy. First measurements showed that during the recent shorter sunny days and reduced production capacity we had savings of around 6%. However, more realistic information will be available with the first winter – says Zoran Ognjanovic, director of the maintenance and toolroom department.