Interview: Radmila Trifunovic, General Director of Metalac AD

The numbers confirm that we did our best effort, and it seems that the next year will be even more challenging


Dear Metalac employees,

The good news is that we have achieved our plans after another challenging year. Expressed in numbers, we estimate that the total income will amount to around 145 million, while the profit will be around 6 million. The bad news is that the next year will probably be even more difficult, since global problems and numerous crises are not going to go away. Still, the best news is that we have thoroughly examined our weaknesses, made our plans about further improvements, defined the strategy until 2025, and created internal advantages to boldly but cautiously enter the year 2023. Total planned income in the amount of 153 million and 6.4 million euros of profit will be the financial measure of our success. However, the true measure of success will be our courage, innovation, entrepreneurship and fairness – in other words, our willingness to share the burden of the crisis with those who are most vulnerable and need it the most.

We are now ending an extremely challenging year in the same way as we had planned it. It will be recorded in the history of Metalac as another difficult year. The corona crisis was followed by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which has sent shockwaves around the world. Prices of raw materials continued to rise, not only on the stock market, but also elsewhere, although they had previously been quite stable. Inflation began increasing progressively. The basic family budget is now threatened and purchasing power has declined. We could continue this list, but the most important thing for us is the fact that we have managed to emerge from 2022 in accordance with our plans, most of all thanks to everyone whose commitment and dedication contributed to solutions to our problems. This was not easy, and it will not be easy in the next year.

Our discipline and austerity were crucial, while other factors did not depend entirely on us.

Apart from the Russian-Ukrainian war creating serious obstacles in the markets where we have our companies, the demand of the global market for non-essential products has been continuously decreasing as a consequence of the global crisis. The same thing can be said about our products. When times like these come, we have no other choice but to strengthen our internal discipline and austerity wherever possible. The austerity was one of the critical factors of success – and we can define success as the financially healthy end of 2022. Therefore, I can say that a successful end of the year is the result of a responsible initial approach and daily analysis of our progress towards the goals that we have set for ourselves.

We have raised salaries twice, but we are aware of the fact that inflation is increasing faster.

However, our decisions were not aimed only at achieving financial goals. We are not that kind of a company. It was clear that, due to all these problems, it was more challenging to make ends meet and for this reason, taking good care of the people who make this company was always a priority. We took the issue of salaries and the cost of living very seriously, which is why we have increased salaries twice in response to inflation. Together with additional benefits that we have had for a long time, and regardless of all these problems that we have faced, we continued to assist our employees, invest in the voluntary pension fund, and help in extreme situations. Metalac has a very good employee base that should be preserved, protected and expanded where it is reasonable and justified, but at the same time, measures should be taken where the case is reversed. You can read the rest of the interview here (pages 2 and 3).