Industry 4.0 Seen Through the Metaphor of the Road Towards the Digital Sarma


More than 100 people, predominantly engineers, confirmed their participation in a remarkable event, the 36th panel discussion “Industry 4.0 – from Practice to Best Practice”. Apart from eminent lecturers, there were numerous guests who took part in a proactive discussion – from the academic circles, business organizations, military-technical industry, regional chambers of commerce, who came to Metalac from Belgrade, Kragujevac, Kraljevo, Pozega, Valjevo, Cacak, Gornji Milanovac, and even Zagreb. The general impression of all participants at yesterday’s panel discussion, held in Metalac for the third time since 2016, confirms the scope and significance of the implementation of computers and digital tools in the industry. General Director Radmila Trifunovic welcomed the attendees on behalf of the Company.


Industrija 4.0


– We organized the first panel discussion beyond the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering back in 2016 at Metalac. I always tell my students that theoretical knowledge should be mastered as much as possible, but that we, engineers, still work on and produce practical things, and such practical things are most visible here in Metalac. Metalac is a leader in many areas. During the course of this panel, we discussed two important things. We talked about the additive manufacturing, a new technology that has taken the world by storm thanks to Industry 4.0. And second, what is even more important, we had a chance to hear from all lecturers, including our esteemed colleagues from Metalac, something about the results of practical implementation of Industry 4.0 – said Prof. Dr. Vidosav Majstorovic, who together with his colleagues, professors Radivoje Mitrovic and Zarko Miskovic, discussed the nine pillars on which Industry 4.0 model is based on.


Industrija 4.0


Additive manufacturing (3D printing) includes production technologies that make it possible to produce three-dimensional objects on the basis of 3D models in digital format by adding a layer upon layer of material. These technologies do not use tools like conventional processing technologies, which is why they have a high degree of flexibility.

Svetozar Kolesar from 3D Republic and Fran Bare from IZIZ informed the attendees about the additive manufacturing of machine and metal parts, as well as the production of large dimensions. Prof. Dr. Srdjan Krco from DunavNET discussed the topic “On the Road Towards the Digital Sarma – the Casserole is the First Step”. Jovan Zivkovic and Vojin Vukadinovic from Metalac discussed the implementation of the Industry 4.0 model in Metalac.


Industrija 4.0


Today, more than 45 of the most developed industrial countries in the world have their own national programs for Industry 4.0, and Serbia adopted its program, the Digital Platform for Industry 4.0, in 2019.