Second Module of the Demonstration Series on Robotization of Industrial Processes

The second module of the demonstration series “Robotization of Industrial Processes – Cutting and Welding with New Technologies” was held on Friday, March 17, in the hall of the Metalac Business Center. The aim of the module was to exchange knowledge and best practices related to the latest technologies in the field of welding. General Director Radmila Trifunovic was the first to address the attendees, and a cocktail party was held in the show room after the lecture.

Andjelka Carovic from Metalac Bojler informed the audience about the challenges and solutions in the welding process that is used to manufacture water heaters, with a special emphasis on the continuous improvement of the quality and productivity through automation and robotization of welding in the process of production of water heaters.
Another company, Rapid, presented its experience in the welding of copper and stainless steel that is necessary in the production of cauldrons used to boil brandy, acquired through the company’s own practical research.

The Welding Institute presented the field of testing, standards, as well as the examination methods and equipment used by the Institute in non-destructive and destructive testing of welded joints.

Representatives of Yaskawa from Slovenia presented the latest laser welding systems that use various integrated technologies, while Messer showed the recent mixtures of welding gasses that reduce welding times, improve quality and increase productivity. Representative of the Timtech company presented some of the solutions for automation of different technologies, a design method in which the client participates using virtual reality equipment, as well as the automation solution in the field of robotic precise welding of X-ray heads developed by the company.

Information, practical experience, and invitations to solve new challenges were exchanged among the participants through interactive communication. Taking into account the technological developments in this field, it was emphasized that a subsequent module is required, which would allow presentation of new solutions and new technologies.