Metalac Celebrates 64th Birthday

Anniversary awards for 100 employees who have been continuously loyal to the company for 20, 30 and 40 years. At the same time, today another 56 employees received additional pension insurance, which means that now there are more than 600 beneficiaries. With an extra gift in the form of the theater play “Comedy of Confusion”, Metalac celebrated its birthday with the company’s partners and friends, as well as numerous citizens of Gornji Milanovac.

Today, on the occasion of its 64th birthday and the Company Day, Metalac held an award ceremony to deliver additional pension insurance policies to another 56 employees, who have exhibited extraordinary effort, commitment and results at their workplaces for a significant period of time. Half of them directly participate in the manufacturing process.

You have been chosen to join the group that today has more than 600 employees, whose dedication, sacrifice and loyalty have made a great contribution to the success and longevity of Metalac. Perhaps you may not fully perceive it now, since you are young, but this insurance will mean a lot to you when the time comes for you to retire. Your colleagues, to whom we began paying the additional insurance in 2006 or 2007, now have around 2 million dinars in their accounts when they retire. This amount is not too large, considering the fact that it took 16-17 years to save it, but having in mind today’s typical pensions, it is certainly far from insignificant. You should be thinking about this kind of additional insurance yourself, and Metalac is giving you this gift from the bottom of our hearts, and we believe that you will make us proud said Radmila Trifunovic, the general director of Metalac.

On the same day, in celebration of the Company Day, anniversary awards were also given to 100 employees who had continuously written the pages of the history of Metalac. Awards in the amount of three average salaries were delivered to 40 employees who have spent 40 or 38 years (in the case of women) in Metalac. Two average salaries were paid to employees with 30 years of continuous work for the company, while one such salary was paid to employees who have spent 20 years in the company. The award ceremony was attended by the entire management team.
Metalac opened the celebration of the Company Day with a theater play “Comedy of Confusion”, entertaining the all its friends and partners with whom the company wanted to share its satisfaction with another successful year of business operations, achieved in an extremely challenging business environment.

Metalac Celebrates 64th Birthday


Metalac Celebrates 64th Birthday