On April 4, celebrating its 60th anniversary, Metalac organized an event in Gornji Milanovac for more than 400 of its partners from Serbia, the region and the world. During the ceremonial academy, Statuettes “For the Years of Loyalty” were presented to individuals, while after that certificates of the same name were presented to companies.

“Years of prosperity are ahead of Metalac”, said the president of the company, Dragoljub Vukadinovic. “There only a few municipalities in Serbia that can be proud of such a company and such an entrepreneurial spirit as Metalac”, said the president of the municipality, Dejan Kovacevic.
On April 5, the Company organized a big celebration for 1,500 workers at three locations.



Metalac has again demonstrated its ability to continuously integrate its business strategy with ethical principles and socially responsible operations. We have once again confirmed our loyalty to our key principles and our deep conviction that true prosperity and sustainable development are not possibly without preservation of the human character.
The president of the Metalac Group, Dragoljub Vukadinovic, who has led the company for three decades, pointed out today that Metalac is one of the largest companies in Serbia, with 2,200 workers and the revenue of around 120 million euros. Its profit satisfies both the employees and the shareholders, and at the same time allows the company to continuously invest in its modernization.

“People are the secret of our success, the employees of Metalac, who love this company and are dedicated to their work. We have never succumbed to divisions and we have always relied on our own strength. Ahead of us are years of easy, uphill walking. We will continue to invest in modernization and the development of existing programs. After the completion of the highway, it will be possible to transform many initiatives from our foreign partners into joint ventures”, Vukadinovic said at the 60th anniversary of Metalac.

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