A Message from Metalac: We Have Known Each Other for More than 60 Years

At the time of our anniversary, we have:

  • 2,200 employees
  • 15 companies in Serbia and abroad
  • 115 million euros of total revenue
  • 40 markets around the world where we export our products
  • 6 million consumers every year
  • 3,000 business partners
  • 250,000 followers on social networks
  • 600 athletes in 6 sports clubs
  • 650 Metalac babies


We will organize an event in Gornji Milanovac for around 400 partners from Serbia, the region and the world, where the most deserving individuals and partners will receive Statuettes and Certificates “For the Years of Loyalty”. Within the two-day ceremony, awards will also be presented to employees for their dedication to work, loyalty to the Company and contribution to its success.