Jelena Lukovic, president of the Supervisory Board of DTL

– What is special about DTL is its “wealth of diversity”. We are focused on the development and improvement of all aspects of our business operations, which we integrate with the specifics of our region – summarizes Jelena Lukovic.

General director of Metalac Proleter, Jelena Lukovic, was elected at the end of May as the president of the Supervisory Board of the domestic retail chain DTL, which has 700 retail stores in 13 companies and 6,500 employees. DTL was established in 2011, when its founders joined their forces with the goal of strengthening their own position via joint procurement and development of all business aspects in a very competitive environment. Metalac Proleter has been a part of this system since its founding.

In the circumstances of very strong competition, DTL is focused on the concept of neighborhood trade, and it follows the needs and demands of its immediate environment, ensures the development of domestic local products and believes in small local producers to whom it provides space for sales of their products.

Out of 20 years of her work within the Metalac system, for the last 6 year Mrs. Lukovic has been the general director of Metalac Proleter, a company that today has 41 retail stores in Gornji Milanovac, Cacak and Ljig, with more than 350 employees. In 2019, the company made around 22 million euros in revenue, thereby continuing the years-long trend of double-digit growth, which made it one of the most successful companies within the Metalac Group.

Lukovic’s success at the position of the general director was awarded in 2018 with the Business Leader award from the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Captain Misa Anastasijevic certificate for business skills and market positioning.

Her undisputed abilities as a manager and her integrity mean that there is another task for Mrs. Lukovic, which is the further strategical improvement and strengthening of the domestic trading chain whose members are: Senta Promet – Senta, BB Trade – Zitiste, Podunavlje – Backa Palanka, Europrom – Valjevo, VP DIMA – Velika Plana, Kastrum – Petrovac na Mlavi, Morava – Kragujevac, Leon – Vranje, Prima Nova – Leskovac, Tekijanka – Kladovo, Styline Line – Pozarevac, VUM – Sabac and, of course, Metalac Proleter – Gornji Milanovac. Obrad Popovic has been the director of DTL since its inception, and the Supervisory Board, which is now headed by Mrs. Lukovic, has five members.

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