Metalac Group - Članci poređani po datumu: septembar 2010

Metalac and the Accademy of Applied Arts in a common search for innovations and diferentiation in the market.

Design, redesign and innovation of shapes were the frame of the meeting between professors and students of the Design Section of the Accademy of Applied Arts with the representatives of Metalac production companies which took place on 5th November. The group, leaded by the professor Nikola Knezevic, Head of the Industrial Design Section, presented ideas of how and what Metalac could exopect from cooperation with the Accademy. Inspirational video presentation made for the purpose of this meeting showed the areas and metodology of work with students.

Metalac introduced specific sides of production of cookware, sinks, water heaters and packing materijals, as well as granmatrix solid surface materials – each of these products are challenge for innovations. In this occasion for the first time Metalac presented the new granit sink made by desing of the famous designer, Mr. karim Rashid. This new model will be shown in public at the Furniture Fair in Belgrade .

Among the visitors there were also partecipants of the Grandmatrix contest for a jardiniere meant for big cities and there was a very interesting presentation of the company Cadpro supporting this project with production of moulds for objects made of granmatrix and granite materials.

After this event the managing director, Mr. Petrasin Jakovljevic expressed that very soon there will be arrantements between these parties and all partecipants agreed that the „day of design“ has been rather inspirational for new aspects of cooperation.

Contest for jardiniere closed

Althou we expected to see more applications and works, the quality of works we received made the contest to be successful. The jury decided to take and buy fife
ideas and the best was the „Hulahop“ solution made by the designer Nikola Panajotovic from Belgrade, who sent two works.

The task was to shape an original modern piece of urban jardiniere as a new functional-aesthetical quality within city morfology – modular and decorative..

By the fact that METALAC INKO decided to buy all the works that arrived  they pointed out the intention to animate young designers and teams of professionals searching for serious partners in Serbian industry.
METALAC INKO will make contracts about commercial use of the chosen solutions.
The results of the contest were announced on the day of the visit in presence of the students and professors of the Accademy.

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