Serbian Chamber of Commerce Rewards Companies that Support a Family-Friendly Environment

In the category of large companies, the Friend of the Family 2018 award was won by companies Metalac, MK Group and VIP Mobile, while in the category of small and medium-sized companies the award was given to BOSIS. The companies that have received the awards were recognized as supporters of family-friendly environment that make it possible to achieve a quality balance between business and family activities, thereby setting an excellent example for other companies to follow.


The main message for women employed at Metalac is that they do not have to worry about whether they will keep their job after maternity leave. Their job will wait for them, and the company rewards every newborn child. Metalac has been consistent in its mission for 13 years. So far, 620 babies have been awarded, with a cash payment amounting to 1,000 euros, for the first child, 2,000 euros for the second child, and 1,000 euros for each subsequent child. When the children grow up, Metalac also provides scholarships for their education.
The Friend of the Family award will be given once a year, as a public recognition intended for socially responsible companies, focused on firm trust between the employer and employees.
The award was given by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS) in cooperation with the Cabinet of the Minister Without Portfolio in charge of demography and population policy. The awards were presented by Marko Cadez, the president of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, and the minister, Slavica Djukic Dejanovic.
On behalf of Metalac, the award was received by the general director, Aleksandar Markovic, at a session of the Assembly of PKS.