Invitation to the Annual General Assembly Meeting 2022

Pursuant to Articles 335 and 336 of the Law on Business Organizations, Article 65 of the Law on
capital market (“Official Gazette of RS” No. 31/2011, 112/2015 and 108/2016) and Article 40 of the Statute
METALCA a.d. from Gornji Milanovac, Supervisory Board based on the Decision on convening
regular sessions of the Assembly, adopted on April 21, 2022

To the shareholders of METALAC a.d. from Gornji Milanovac refers


Regular session of the Assembly of Metalac a.d. from Gornji Milanovac will be held on the 26th.
May 2022, at the company's headquarters in Gornji Milanovac, st. Prince Alexander
212, in the amphitheater of the Business Center, starting at 2:00 p.m.
For the said session, and after the appointment of the recorder and members of the voting commission
by the President of the Assembly, as well as the publication of the report of the Voting Commission,
the following is determined


1. Adoption decisions:
a. The annual business report of Metalac a.d. in 2021, with reports of the Supervisory Board;
b. Consolidated financial statements of Metalac a.d. for 2021, with
Auditor's report and opinion on the audit of consolidated reports;
c. Annual financial reports of Metalac a.d. for 2021, with
Auditor's report and opinion on the audit of annual reports;
d. Making a decision on the distribution of profits of Metalac a.d .;

2. Making a decision on the selection of auditors for the audit of operations in 2022;

3. Making a decision on approving the acquisition of own shares.

Metalac a.d. on the day of the call, a total of 2,040,000 ordinary shares were issued with
voting rights, of which 105,130 shares have the status of own shares that do not give the right to vote in the Assembly.

The right to vote on all proposed items on the agenda of the Assembly has 1,934,870 shares.

All decisions on the proposed items on the agenda are made by a simple majority vote of the shareholders present.

Session material, power of attorney form, as well as voting form in
absence, they have been published and can be downloaded from the company's website

Shareholders have the right to participate in the work of the Assembly on May 16, 2022.

A shareholder may participate in the work of the General Meeting in person if he has at least 2,000 votes on the basis of the shares he holds.

Shareholders who do not have the required number of votes for personal participation in the work
assemblies, have the right to participate in the work of the assembly through a joint
proxy, and may also vote in absentia by submitting a completed absentee voting form.

The proxy of the shareholder in the General Meeting may be a person who on the basis of a power of attorney for
representation provided by shareholders has at least 2,000 votes.

Powers of attorney given for the previous regular session of the Assembly at which it is not stated that
are given only for that session, they are also valid for this session, ie until the revocation or expiration of the period for which it was given.

Signature on the power of attorney for voting, as well as the signature of the shareholder on the voting form in
absence, does not have to be certified in accordance with the law governing the verification of signatures.

Powers of attorney or their copies, as well as completed forms for absentee voting,
are submitted by proxies or shareholders no later than 3 days before the day of the General Meeting.

One or more shareholders holding at least 5% of the voting shares may
Submit a proposal to amend the agenda in writing to the Supervisory Board or
different decisions on existing agenda items, no later than 20 days before the day
holding a session, provided that they explain the proposal and submit the text of those decisions.

A shareholder who has the right to participate in the work of the assembly has the right to ask questions
members of the Supervisory Board and receiving answers regarding agenda items
sessions. In order to properly prepare the session, and in accordance with Article 20 of the Rules of Procedure
on the work of the assembly, the shareholder is obliged to submit his questions at least 3 days in advance
on the day of the session, in writing, with identification data
determining the status of the shareholder who asked the question.

The invitation for the meeting is sent to the shareholders by publishing it on the Metalac website
a.d., as well as on the website of the Belgrade Stock Exchange, Registry
economic entities and the Central Registry, depository and securities clearing.
This call also represents the publication of occasional information - notice related to
by holding a general meeting of shareholders, pursuant to Article 65, paragraph 2, item 1 of the Law on Market

Dragoljub Vukadinović, B.Sc. ing.

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