Invitation to the Annual General Assembly Meeting 2021

In implementation of the Art.335 and 365 of the Law on Companies, the Art.65 of the Law on the Capital Market (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia” No. 31/2011, 112/2015 and 108/2016) and of the Art. 40 of the Articles of Association of METALAC a.d. from Gornji Milanovac, the Supervisory Board on 26th March 2021 is pleased to INVITEthe shareholders of the company Metalac a.d. from Gornji Milanovac



The regular annual Assembly meeting of Metalaca a.d. from Gornji Milanovac will be held on Thursday, 28th April 2021 at 14.00 hours, at the amphitheater of the company’s Business Centre in Gornji Milanovac on 212 Kneza Aleksandra Street. Appointed recording secretary and members of the commission for voting by the president, the following AGENDA is set:


Passing the decision on approval of the following:

a. Reports on the operation Metalac a.d. 2020, together with reports made by the Supervisory Board;
b. Consolidated financial reports of Metalac a.d. for the year 2020, including Auditor’s report
        and opinion on performed audit of stated reports;c. Annual financial reports of Metalac a.d. for the year 2020, including Reports and opinion on audit carried out on financial reports;d. Information related to reports of the daughter companies for the year 2020, including Auditor’s report and opinion on performed audit of stated reports, as well as decisions on distribution of income of daughter companies;e. Passing of the Decision on distribution of income of Metalac a.d.  

        2. Passing the Decision on selection of the audit for reviewing of the business operation in 2021;

            At the date of this Invitation the total share issue of Metalac a.d. is 2.040.000, of that 105.130 are non-voting (self-explanatory) shares.1.934.870 are ordinary shares with voting right by all Agenda topics.All decisions by the Agenda topics are passed with regular majority of votes of the shareholders present. 

The materials for the meeting, Authorization Form and the Form for Voting in Absence could be found on the Company’s website  The registered owners of the shares on 18th April 2021 have right to vote in the Assembly.
Any shareholder with at least 2.000 votes may vote personally in the Assembly. The shareholders not having sufficient number of votes for personal voting may authorize a common representative, and may submit the form and vote in absence.The number of votes held by the authorized representative of shareholders in the Assembly must be minimum 2.000 votes.The authorization valid for the previous annual assembly meeting is valid for this session as well if not otherwise specified, or until revoked, or expired.Signature on the authorization for voting and signature on the form for voting in absence need not be verified in accordance with the law regulating verification of signatures.Authorizations or copies thereof, as well as filled forms for voting in absence should be submitted by the authorized representatives or shareholders at latest 3 days prior to the meeting.One or more shareholders having at least 5% of voting shares may make supplements to agenda submitting them in written to the Supervisory Board with explanation of such supplement or full text of a decision suggested as supplement, and with minimum 20 day prior notice.Any shareholder with voting right may ask questions to the members of the Supervisory Board and get answers regarding the topics of the meeting Agenda. In order to prepare for the session and pursuant to Art. 20 of the Rules of Procedure of Shareholders Assembly, shareholders should submit any questions to the Company in writing at least 3 days prior to the session and showing identification information as to establish the status of the shareholder making the question.This Invitation is addressed to the shareholders of the Metalac a.d. by its publication on the Company’s website, and on the websites of the Belgrade Exchange, Serbian Business Registers Agency, and Central Securities.

This Invitation for the annual Assembly meeting is deemed to be lawfully declared and to all shareholders, in implementation of the Art. 65 Para 2 Point 1 of the Law on the Capital Market.
                                                                                   PRESIDENT OF THE SUPERVISORY BOARD
                                                                                              Dragoljub Vukadinović, BSc Eng

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