Metalac Group never stops investing into children and young people, and promoting sports. Today under the sponsorship of the Company and within the Metalac Sport Society, there are six clubs with about 600 members that compete in first and second leagues. Beside the teams which compete, great number of children and teenagers are training in these clubs. We could say that over a half of all sports people in Gornji Milanovac are practicing sports in the Metalac Sport Society on daily basis.


The Football Club "Metalac"

The Football Club “Metalac” as a pride and glory of the sport society with a new modern stadium is highly positioned on the list of the First Serbian League in 2012, with a chance to return to the Super League. Over 207 players are registred in the Football Club “Metalac” from the senior team to the generation of 2002 that are competing successfully in the Regional „cockerel“ league. Beside that some 100 children ages 6-9 regularly practice in the club.


The Bowling Club “Metalac”

The Bowling Club “Metalac” has been taking top positions in the Serbian Super League for years now. Also this season they took third place which meant they could compete in Europe. The bowlers made good results in individual competitions of the Serbian Championship, while the couple Goran Čaluković and Ivan Trošić won the national championship in this category. In order to keep the continuum in the senior selection, there is another team competing in the Serbian league.


The Female handball Club “Metalac”

The Female handball Club “Metalac” also keeps the company in the first league. After some regular and experienced players have left, the team got younger blood, and it is among the youngest teams in the First Western League. Beside the competitors there are about 40 girls and boys attending the school of handball.


The Club of Small Football “Metalac-Kolorado”

Once in the first league, today stable in the second league The Club of Small Football “Metalac-Kolorado” finished the season in the middle of the list. The news in the club is younger players from our town, juniors who are later recruited for the senior team.


The Chess club “Metalac – Takovo”

The Chess club “Metalac – Takovo” managed to enter the Serbian Super League. As debutants among the best teams in Serbia, they ended the season half-a-way the list and kept the Super League status. Each year many children attend the chess school held by this club.


Volleyball Club “Metalac-Takovo”

The youngest member of the Metalac sports family is the male selection of the Volleyball Club “Metalac-Takovo” which has been active for 2-3 years only finishing seasons at second or third place, just about to reach the First League. Almost all players are from Gornji Milanovac. From this season there is another team included, giving chance to the children to play in the Regional league of Zlatibor-Moravica, as juniors and cadets. The volleyball school of the club is very advanced and attended by numerous youngsters age seven to twelve.





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