"Key advantage of our company is human resources, educated people ready to make vision true with their specialties, entrepreneurship and innovation. Employees are dedicated to Metalac, eager to please themselves and their families, and shareholders of course" - generalni direktor Metalac a.d., Petrašin Jakovljević



The company Metlac has 1700 employees. 40% of that is women. Wide range of works done under the roof of the Holding engages major part of the employees in fields of economy, technology, mechanical engineering and metal processing. They are key resource in effecting works: technology of production, production work, quality control, purchase, sale, finance, administration, management....

Every tenth employee has university degree, while about 60% of employees have high school.

Long tradition with modern approach and new ideas make part of the business policy. Therefore, experience and freshness are highly appreciated - that is why many young people have found their business prospective in Metalac and its experienced management team. Age of employees is 42 at average.

For ten years Metalac employees have been upgrading communication methods and techniques, sales skills, project and process management, creation of strategies, team work. In-house seminars and trainings about different issues have been held by famous local and foreign experts and lecturers, but also by Metalac employees. Language courses, regular visits to seminars, international and local fairs make part of continuous education and improvement of knowledge and skills.

Looking into future, Metalac invests in potential human resources with scholarships for about 150 students.



The aim is clear - rise level of personal achievements and business success of the company.

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