METALAC FOUNDATION was established in 2006 for humanitarian and other social purposes, for promoting and supporting science, culture, arts and sports, as well as all other fields of strategic, progressive and social interest.



... We are positive that Metalac is the unique example of privatizatiion in the territory of Gornji Milanovac. In this company, beside decent salaries and new positions, workers are stimulated to inrcrease their families... However, workers are the owners too in this company, workers who have been building the factory for them and their children.

"Vecernje novosti" daily, 24th January, 2008

...The Director of Metalac.a.d., Mr. Petrasin Jakovljevic expects even more newborns in 2008, for whom there will be work in Metalac one day. What to say but "If only other companies would follow the example..."

"Moja Beba" magazine (column Mum is Club), February 2008.

For the presentation of the first web portal dedicated to pregnant women, young parents and couples planning families ... www.bebac.com , recognitions and special medal for promotion and support of expectant mothers, presented to all companies, institutions and individuals that helped this campaign. End May in the Ceremonilal Hall of the Belgrade Fair the NGO "Bebac" gave recognitions to friends and partners which supported the campaing "Expectant mothers first". The Medal was handed to the Managing Director of Metalac a.d., Mr Petrasin Jakovljevic, to Mr. Bojan Pajtic, President of the Executive Council of Vojvodina, to the City Institute for Public Health, to the City Public Transportation Company "Beograd", B92, Post Offices....

Beginning 2011 the LETTER OF THANKS arrived from the Belgrade Association "Survival" that fights against birht dearth. The Letter was addressed to Metalac a.d. for great contribution and utmost efforts in this fight.


Establishing Metalac Foundation came as a result of a study which showed that over 70% of Metalac employees under the age of 35 did not make families. So the first money of Metalac Foundation went for the campaign  METALAC CHILDREN – VIEW INTO THE FUTURE.  Each employee who becomes a perent was presented a „greeting card" of  500 Euro for first child, 1000 Euros for second, 2000 for third, and for fourth and each next 4000 Euro.

The company sent out the message to the employees that children and family are real value that have to be supported. Very soon the METALAC FOUNDATION became famous by "Metalac Babies"
In last 6 years245 babies received the greeting cards for the total of 250.000 Euro. Almost 50% of these children was a first child. Interesting fact is that about 30 couples decided to have a third child, and there are cases of fifth and seventh child. Then there were several twins and two times triplets.

Almost all users of the Foundation remained loyal to the company, in particular those highly educated whose development is stimulated in different ways.
As by many successful companies of the world, Metalac execrise various mechanisms  in keeping employees loyal to the company.


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