Mission and Vision

We are qualified to satisfy the needs of our buyers in the kitchen, on and around the table, on and around the stove.

We have a foreign market. It is the only goal and measure for all our efforts and achievements.

With permanent strategy adaptation, and investment into personnel and new technologies, we are going to produce high-quality products of recognized brand names after which the buyers will differentiate us on the foreign market. We will become the leader on the domestic market and will create name offering the greatest confidence in our industry.

Our main resource are our employees – highly qualified personnel devoted to the company they work at. We are going to create business culture which will favour chastity, integrity, and individual success of every employee.

The reward for our efforts will be profit gained.

We want all the employees to be fully integrated, and to continually protect interests of our shareholders and business partners.

The Metalac Family has expanded over the past decade by founding four new companies and by acquiring the majority stock packages of the two Belgrade companies at the Belgrade Stock Exchange. Metalac has, thus, grown into Metalac a.d. holding company with 12 subsidiaries:

Metalac Posudje d.o.o., Metalac Inko d.o.o., Metalac Bojler d.o.o., Metalac Print d.o.o., Metalac Market d.o.o., Metalac-Trade d.o.o. and Proleter a.d.  in Gornji Milanovac, Metalac-Metalurgija a.d. in Novi Sad,  Metpor d.o.o. in Belgrade,  Metrot d.o.o. in Moscow,  Metalac Market Podgorica d.o.o. in Podgorica, Promo-Metal d.o.o.  in Zagreb.

For over 15 years, Metalac has been managed by a consistent team of managers whose results are continually confirming the two basic values: vision and undertaking. President of the joint-stock company is Dragoljub Vukadinovic, and its Managing Director is Aleksandar Markovic.

Corporative values of Metalac are the following:

1. Clearly defined vision and strategy.

2. Work, discipline, harmony and trust.

3. Dedicated personnel.

4. Continual upgrading of knowledge.

5. Respecting our partners.

These are the values which help Metalac tread the chosen way: HOME ABROAD

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