In the contemporary world, business ethics is becoming the most important prerequisite for success, while harmonised team work enables progress and fast development. All these are the features characterising “Metalac” from Gornji Milanovac – verified by the Expert Panel of “Business Partner” on its 10th jubilee manifestation.

For all the aforementioned reasons, Metalac was declared the first among 40 successful local companies presented with this award in 2004. Good business results, high and stable professional standards, ethics in business operations, unique business culture, social and environmental accountability and responsibility towards our consumers recommended us. And, as it was said at the award presentation ceremony, it is the aim of “Business Partner” to promote successful companies and managers guided by these values. .



Honesty, respect and trust are the three pillars on which Metalac has been developing its business and corporate culture for years. We deeply believe that these are the values which ensure exemplary behaviour of every Metalac employee, personal and corporate integrity and status of a quality long-term partner. Business results and continuity of growth and development of Metalac are a natural consequence of such behaviour. We are especially proud that our end consumers and users of products and services offered by Metalac have recognized these values as a competitive advantage of Metalac.

Taking into consideration the need for harmonisation of behaviour among business entities not only from a legal perspective, but also guided by basic ethical principles and standards, as well as the importance of strengthening business ethics in the function of promoting relationship with business partners, the public and social setting, Metalac expresses its values, principles and rules in this Code of business ethics.

The Business ethics code of Metalac Holding is an internal act and is the supreme document for our top management, mandatory for all Metalac employees and very important for mutual understanding and developing quality long-term relations with business partners, clients and general public.

Dragoljub Vukadinović
Company President


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