Metalac Posudje is the biggest company within Metalac a.d. with 40-50% share in the total income. We produce enamelled, non-stick and stainless steel cookware. The factory of enamel cookware dates back in 1959. while non-stick cookware plant was established in 1994 and stainless steel cookware plant in 1999, all situated in Gornji Milanovac and employing 760 people.

Metalac Posudje holds status of a major cookware producer in Europe. Thanks to high qualitty of products and reliable business about 70 percent of enamel cookware production goes to customers in 25 countries of the world, mostly EU and Russia. The most important buyers of Metalac cookware are partners from France, Russia, Spain, England, Germany, Italy... and from 2005 we are also present in the markets of USA and Australia. On the local terrain Metalac is absolute leader holding 65 percent share of the cookware market.  About 6 million cookware units from Metyalac find way to customers thrughout the world yearly.

Metalac Posudje production includes over 500 products in various combinations of shapes, sizes, materials and colours. If we add also great choice of decorations the catalogue rises to 1500 - 2000 different items.

Our competitive advantages are high product quality, production flexibility and respecting deliveries. Metalac got all process segments under one roof - mechanical processing, enamelling, production of bakelite elements and decor transfers, product designing, packing materials and transportation of goods as well.

Metalac Posudje got integrated the Quality Management System and Environment Management System confirmed by TUV certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Researches conducted by GFK group for the needs of the project "Best Trade Marks in Serbia" 2005 show that 56,4 percent of consumers in Serbia qualify Metalac cookware as product of high quality above average.

In the campaign for Best Trade Marks in Serbia in competition with 80 companies in all product groups, the trade mark  "Posudje Metalac" was ranked in top three in 2006., 2005. as well as in 2004.  Beside market and financial results also consumers partecipated in this evaluation.


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