Metalac Home Market is recognizable and well rated wholeseller in Novi Sad. Beside selling production range of Metalac a.d in the territory of Vojvodina, this company offerts different kinds of household goods including complete production range of Alfa-plam, Vranje. Traditionally, this company deals with metal prefabricates - rods, wire, profiles, tubes, sheets ...


Metalac Home Market has 69 employees, 37.000 m2 of open and covered warehouse space, sales centre of 300 m2, and well located premises in the city of Novi Sad plus several decades of business experience in the market of Vojvodina.


300m2 show room and 600m2 parking lot makes easier contact with traders and brings pleasure of easy shopping for the citizens of Novi Sad.


Metalac Home Market in the market of Voivodina holds status of a reliable partner with better and better business results. For utmost contribution to development of regional industry, in 2006 the company received the "June Award" of the Chamber of Commerce of Novi Sad.


Baјči Žilinskog br.11
21000 Novi Sad, Srbija


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